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ABC Jelly Straws 1400g
CEDAR Marshmallow 250g
CEDAR Marshmallow 250g
CEDAR Orange Flavoured Marshmallow 250g
Cici Jelly Drink-Assorted Fruit 6x150g
Classic Series Guava Hard Candy 350g
Cocon Mango Pudding 6*118g
Cocon Yogo Ice With Milk & Juice 450g
CoConut Tree Preserved Ginger 227g
Save $4
Ferrero Collection 259g
Save $4
Ferrero Rocher 300g
chocolate Ferrero Rocher 300g
$8.99 $12.99 / EA
Save $4
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 30Pcs( Best Before: May 12, 2021)
Save $1
Garden Lucky Candy 350g
Happy Dried Sweet Prune 100g
Hi-Chew Orange&Pinapple&Mango 100g
Hi-Chew Super Fruit Mix 90g
Kit Kat Mini Dark Chocolate 147g
Save $3
Kit Kat Mini Green Tea 139g(Expired Date: April 01,2021)
Kit Kat Mini Lemon and Salt 128g
Kit Kat Mini Lychee and Salt 128g
Lot 100 Assorted Gummy 150g
Lot 100 Mango Gummy 150g
Lucky Pearl Haw Flakes 90g
Meiji Meltyblend Chocolate Premium Cacao 60g
Meiji Meltyblend Chocolate Strawberry 60g
Natural Dried Plums 80g
Ryukakusan Herbal Throat Refreshing Candy 88g
Sina Ginger Candy-Original 400g
Sour Chinese Olive 400g
Save $1
Sunity Herbal Jelly-Honey & Ginseng 645g
Save $1
Sunity Herbal Jelly-Original 645g
Save $1
Sunity Herbal Jelly-Rock Sugar & Chrysanthemum 645g
Save $1
Sunity Herbal Jelly-Rock Sugar & Lily Bulb 645g
Save $1
Sunity Herbal Jelly-Rock Sugar & Lotus Seed 645g
SXZ Coconut Jelly-Lychee 1500g
SXZ Fruity Coconut Jelly-Assorted 1500g
UKiss Cheese Jelly-Peach 480g
UKiss Cheese Jelly-Strawberry 480g

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