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Showing 1 - 48 of 72 products
$1.59/LB Nappa
Sale price$4.77 /EA
Save 47%
Chinese Eggplant
$1.38/LB Chinese Eggplant
Sale price$1.38 /EA Regular price$2.59 /EA
Korean Cabbage
$1.99/lb Korean Cabbage
Sale price$5.97 /EA
Save 78%
White Radish
$0.28/LB White Radish
Sale price$0.84 /EA Regular price$3.87 /EA
Save 47%
AA Lettuce
$1.59/LB AA Lettuce
Sale price$1.59 /EA Regular price$2.99 /EA
Yu Choy Tips
$2.99/LB Yu Choy Tips
Sale price$4.49 /Bag
Save 47%
Shanghai Bok Choy tipsShanghai Bok Choy tips
$1.59/LB Shanghai Bok Choy tips
Sale price$2.39 /Bag Regular price$4.49 /Bag
Save 63%
Winter melonWinter melon
$0.59/LB Winter melon
Sale price$1.18 /Pack Regular price$3.18 /Pack
Save 51%
Chinese Cauliflower
$1.28/Lb Chinese Cauliflower
Sale price$2.56 /EA Regular price$5.18 /EA
Chinese Chive
$3.99/LB Chinese Chive
Sale price$3.99 /Bunch
Save 36%
Lotus root
$1.28/LB Lotus root
Sale price$2.56 /Pack Regular price$3.98 /Pack
$1.59/LB Chayote
Sale price$3.18 /Bag
Save 16%
Peking Green Onion
$2.50/Bunch Peking Green Onion
Sale price$2.50 /Bunch Regular price$2.99 /Bunch
Naiyu Bok choy tips
$1.59/LB Naiyu Bok choy tips
Sale price$2.39 /Bag
Fresh Garlic Sprout
$1.99/Bunch Fresh Garlic Sprout
Sale price$1.99 /Bunch
Taiwan Bok Choy
$1.59/LB Taiwan Bok Choy
Sale price$2.39 /Bag
Save 31%
Chinese Broccoli(Gai Lan)Chinese Broccoli(Gai Lan)
$1.38/LB Chinese Broccoli(Gai Lan)
Sale price$2.76 /Bag Regular price$3.98 /Bag
Chinese Celery
$2.99/LB Chinese Celery
Sale price$2.99 /Bunch
Gai Lan Tips
$2.99/LB Gai Lan Tips
Sale price$4.49 /Bag
Save 20%
Yu ChoyYu Choy
$1.59/LB Yu Choy
Sale price$3.18 /Bag Regular price$3.98 /Bag
Save 35%
Snow Pea TipsSnow Pea Tips
$3.88/LB Snow Pea Tips
Sale price$3.88 /Bag Regular price$5.99 /Bag
$2.99/LB Bittermelon
Sale price$3.89 /Pack
Save 47%
Chinese Okra
$1.59/LB Chinese Okra
Sale price$2.39 /Pack Regular price$4.49 /Pack
Save 23%
Baby Mustard
$0.98/LB Baby Mustard
Sale price$1.96 /Bag Regular price$2.56 /Bag
$5.99/LB Okra
Sale price$5.99 /Pack
Save 7%
Naiyu Bok Choy
$1.28/LB Naiyu Bok Choy
Sale price$1.92 /Pack Regular price$2.07 /Pack
Snow Pea
$6.99/LB Snow Pea
Sale price$6.99 /Pack
Green Ton Choy
$2.99/LB Green Ton Choy
Sale price$4.49 /Bunch
Green Long Bean
$5.99/LB Green Long Bean
Sale price$7.79 /Pack
Bok Choy Sum
$1.59/LB Bok Choy Sum
Sale price$3.18 /Bag
Save 19%
Fuzzy Squash
$1.28/LB Fuzzy Squash
Sale price$2.56 /Pack Regular price$3.18 /Pack
Chinese YamChinese Yam
$3.99/LB Chinese Yam
Sale price$7.98 /Bunch
Taiwan Bok Choy (Wawa bok choy)
$1.59/LB Taiwan Bok Choy (Wawa bok choy)
Sale price$3.18 /Bag
Ton Ho Choy
$2.99/LB Ton Ho Choy
Sale price$4.49 /Bag
Green Radish
$1.29/LB Green Radish
Sale price$2.58 /EA
Save 32%
$0.88/LB Mustard(Big)
Sale price$1.76 /Bag Regular price$2.59 /Bag
Chive Flower
$2.99/Bunch Chive Flower
Sale price$2.99 /EA
White Ton Choy
$2.99/LB White Ton Choy
Sale price$4.49 /Bunch
Shanghai Bok choy
$1.59/LB Shanghai Bok choy
Sale price$3.18 /Bag
Taiwan Okra
$2.99/LB Taiwan Okra
Sale price$5.98 /Pack
Yellow Chive
$9.99/LB Yellow Chive
Sale price$4.99 /Bunch
Save 39%
Big Bok Choy
$0.79/LB Big Bok Choy
Sale price$1.58 /Bag Regular price$2.58 /Bag
Save 28%
Local Fresh Peanuts
$2.88/LB Local Fresh Peanuts
Sale price$4.32 /Bag Regular price$5.99 /Bag
Baby Eggplant
$2.99/LB Baby Eggplant
Sale price$2.99 /EA
Spring Bamboo Shoots(Poached) 200g
Long Squash
$1.59/LB Long Squash
Sale price$3.18 /Pack
Guan's Fresh Lily Bulb Slice 125g
Lemon Grass
$2.99/Bunch Lemon Grass
Sale price$2.99 /Bunch

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